The Stash Is Thinned Down

I love other modelers’stashes!

We all have one. Older modelers like myself have kits that date back to the Reagan Administration and before. Some stashes get totally out of control. (I knew a guy in Maine who literally left a barn full of kits to be dealt with.) And some of us finally give up the pretense that we […]

The Stash Is Thinned Down

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 19: On hold

Day 286…

Tuesday December 6, 2022

This is what I had written in January 2019 on My Forgotten Hobby II… It was about a model kit I was building as a birthday gift for my brother.

The B-25 J will have to stay in the hangar for now since I could not meet my deadline.

I still have the framing to do on the upper turret. I have learned a nice technique for canopies which worked well. It would have worked better but I had glued the canopies.

I will have to learn not to rush and set a deadline at least not on My Forgotten Hobby II.

My Forgotten Hobby is in its fifth year since I started going back in childhood time on December 6th, 2013… This is what I had written…

What’s your favorite hobby?

Mine is writing blogs. Before, this was my favorite hobby… Building model kits. Why not combine both hobbies, one from the past with this one? While you are pondering over this, you can visit this blog about an amateur airplane model kit builder whose motto is Let’s build!

Click here.

Fast forward December 6, 2022

Next time… Tamiya’s P-38 F – T minus 18: Hard landing!

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 20: Miss Virginia?

Day 285…

Monday December 5, 2022

I like this photo of a P-38 in Guadalcanal.

I like this one even better.

I love ground crew photos.

A decal a day keeps the modeler happy?

That’s Sunday morning shot. You can see how many decals there are. I didn’t feel to start adding more decals yesterday. After taking that photo I decided to add just one decal for the Gipper.

Add one for the Gipper

Then I add these tiny ones.

I decided after it was time to take my advice.

Next time – T minus 19: Hard landing!


Footnote about Miss Virginia…

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 21: The fun continues…

Day 284…

Sunday December 4, 2022

The fun continues… That’s not what has been going on in Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

This is Saturday morning shot.

Beside working with clear parts, adding decals is the most stressful step with my building projects.

Sometimes decals will break apart, won’t stick or won’t conformed properly. That’s what happens with old decals.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Tamiya had small decals for the yellow propeller tips.

Those are the first ones I have used to test the decals.

It was not easy to have them stay put on the tips. I have added only one more decal late Friday night to see how it would perform.

This is how it looked on Saturday morning.

I will have many more decals to add to meet my deadline, but time is on my side.

Next time – T minus 20: the fun continues…

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 22: The Dynamic Duo

Day 283…

Saturday December 3, 2022

There’s a sense of accomplishment and relief with my latest projects. I have been working hard…

The P-38 has been my favorite plane since the mid 1960s.

While both model kits are not perfect, now I will be able to move on.

I will add some finishing touches and decals and be ready to give it to my son for his birthday.

In the meantime I have repaired the nose gear once again.

Next time – T minus 21: Decals

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 23: Painting the booms

Day 282…

Friday December 2, 2022

Masking the booms was quite time consuming Wednesday morning.

Mike had this comment yesterday…

I think that masking is the hardest task of all!

But I had soldiered on using the same technique. Vallejo Olive Drab was then airbrushed fearlessly.

After lunch the masks were removed.

Voilà le travail mes amis!

There were no surprises. What you see is what you get.

Next time – T minus 22: the Dynamic Duo.

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 24: Masking

Day 280…

Thursday December 1, 2022

That’s the technique I had used Tuesday: rolled Blue Tack.

I had also used copy paper and Tamiya tapes.

Once done I had checked the symmetry and made minor adjustments.

Vallejo Olive Drab was then airbrushed and I even managed to break the front landing gear while handling the P-38F.

Late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning I decided to tackle the booms.


I made templates, used Blue Tack and again lots of Tamiya masking tapes.

Next time – T minus 23: painting the booms.

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 25: Addicted

Day 279…

Wednesday November 30, 2022

You must have figured out by now that I had used my airbrush again on Monday.

You must have also figured out I had taken lots of photos.

I have become addicted to my old Badger 350 airbrush. It’s been working well and I keep it very clean after using it.

This is a photo shot of my airbrushing session done Monday afternoon after I had gone shopping at Costco. It’s a good thing Costco doesn’t sell model kits because I would go crazy.

I have airbrushed Vallejo Neutral Grey on the P-38F.

It’s a good thing I didn’t glue the booms.

Next time – T minus 24: You should know what to expect don’t you?

More masking tapes…

Tamiya’s P-38F – T minus 26: Zinc chromate

Day 278…

Tuesday November 29, 2022

Still counting the days since February 24… What you see on My Forgotten Hobby VI is not always what you get.

That’s Monday morning shot.

Homemade zinc chromate had been used with a paintbrush Sunday morning. I had given up on shades of zinc chromate, interior green, etc…

I have a jar full of homemade zinc chromate so I indulged in it instead of using Vallejo Interior Green which I found too bright…

Masked canopies were glued on later in the afternoon with Clear Contacta Glue which works perfectly.

Propellers were then assembled using Tamiya Quick Setting Cement.

Later a final black primer coat was sprayed. However I had to wait before my wife got out of bed.

Next time – T minus 25: What’s left to do? Very little as you can see here…